Canadian scientists call unexpected cause of premature death

Канадские ученые назвали неожиданную причину преждевременной смерти

The researchers identified social group with an increased risk.

Scientists from the University of Toronto found that single fathers the risk of premature death increased, according to the with reference to U-News.

To such conclusion researchers have come, having studied the life expectancy of fathers in single-parent families.

In a study that lasted 11 years, took part 40,5 thousand people in Canada, including 4590 single mothers and 871 single father with an average age of 40 years. During the study died, 700 people, while the death rate was three times higher among men living in single-parent families, compared to lone mothers.

Taking into account external factors, including age, high risk of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, the likelihood of premature deaths among single fathers was two-fold.

This result is explained by the fact that single men with children have an unhealthy lifestyle, including eating fatty and rich in carbohydrates food, spending little time in physical activity and drinking large amounts of alcohol.

While a large proportion of fathers remaining with a child, divorced, live alone or be widowed, whereas the majority of single mothers are raising children conceived out of wedlock. According to scientists, it makes men with children are more vulnerable than women.

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