Cancer of the child: half of cases are not diagnosed

Cancer de l'enfant: la moitié des cas ne sont pas diagnostiqués

According to a scientific study published on Wednesday 27 February, nearly half of all cancers in children are not diagnosed. A situation which prevents any effective case management for these young patients.

Lack of medical resources, they are not diagnosed and therefore have no chance to survive. According to a scientific study published in the journal The Lancet Oncology, almost half of the cancers in children in the world are not detected for lack of any medical follow-up. Consequence: the victims do not have access to treatment.

According to the article published on Wednesday, 27 February, 45% of children sick with cancer are not diagnosed. The study is based on the number of childhood cancer identified in the world by the medical authorities. On the year 2015, the number amounts to 224.000. However, this figure is far below statistical projections based on the prevalence of cancer in the world, which believed that this number would have been up to 397.000. For the authors of the study, this means that almost half of the cases were not recorded officially, such as cancers. And are not treated as such.

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Not surprisingly, large differences are visible between countries that have registries of childhood cancer and methods of detection to be effective, and those that do not. In Africa, in central Asia, in the island countries of the Peaceful, more than half of the cancers of children are outside the radar. This figure is just 3% in North America and Europe.

If nothing is done to improve the situation, this is about 3 million children who could die from cancer without any chance of access to treatment by 2030, if nothing is done to improve the situation.

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