Candice Swanepoel took part in the show Victoria’s Secret five months after the birth of her second child

Candice Swanepoel

Yesterday’s show Victoria’s Secret will be remembered not only bright fashion shows of famous beauties, but also the triumphant return of the famous “angels” on the runway. So, after only five months after the birth of her second child in the show and participated in the 30-year-old candice Swanepoel.

Dressed in seductive black lingerie set, encrusted with small rhinestones, Candace confidently paraded down the runway. To doubt that she works daily on himself, not have her faultless form tells me that.

The second set demonstrated candice, was very original. She appeared on the catwalk in a red corset and tucked in his white t-shirt that says Angel, but made up her image quite unusual bright wings.

As told to candice, the return to the podium was really hard for her.

I’m so glad that I can again feel strong after the birth of two children. I’m far from perfect, and every mother should give yourself time to recover and not to think about their appearance. The main thing is how you feel.

I can’t tell you how proud I am of my body and what it gave me. I have an amazing career and two boys. Now I’m ready to return and this time to do this for all the moms who work and care for their children because we deserve to be beautiful, strong and sexy

— she concluded.

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