Candlemas: what you should not do

Сретение Господне: что категорически нельзя делать

Annually February 15, Orthodox Christians celebrate Candlemas. Journalists of”Bagnet” has collected a list of prohibitions on this holiday.

This Christian holiday related to the offering of the infant Jesus to the temple, where he was met by 300-year-old Simeon recognized the infant Savior. It symbolizes the meeting of mankind with God.

But our ancestors believed that Gromovich spring struggling with winter.

In the old days at Candlemas candle was made of beeswax and lit it in a special happy or sad occasions (birth or death of a person, engagement or wedding). It was believed that the candle to protect the house from lightning, the evil eye and diseases. Also, icicles have collected water, which had purifying properties, sprinkled it housing, cattle soldiers before the battle.

What not to do on Candlemas:

  • on Candlemas not to swear and quarrel
  • it is not necessary in this day to clean the house, work in the garden, crafting
  • it is not accepted to swim in the bath but a shower
  • desirable to make long trip can happen
  • not to engage in divination and rituals
  • you can’t put the holiday money on the kitchen table because there is a belief that because of this, luck can leave the house.
  • from such bad habits as Smoking and alcohol should be abandoned at the time of the visitation.