Cannes-2018: Vanessa Paradis in a shimmering Golden gown at the premiere of “a knife in the heart”

Kate Moran, Vanessa Paradis, Nicolas Maury

Finally his attention at the Cannes film festival honored the French actress Vanessa Paradis. Yesterday, may 17, a 45-year-old star attended the premiere of the film “Knife in heart” (Un couteau dans le coeur), in which she played a major role.

On the red carpet Paradis appeared in a luxurious shimmering gold floor-length dress which was decorated with beautiful stones and shimmered under the camera flashes. Dress the actress was sewn in such a way that allowed her not to wear any accessories around the neck — it is decorated with the vivid detail of a dress that looked like a necklace. “Revenge” Paradis, apparently decided on the rings and added the image several. Completed his bow star sandals to match the outfit.

Nicolas Maury and Vanessa Paradis

On the red carpet is the former lover of johnny Depp posed with his colleagues in the film Kate Moran, Nicolas Maury and his Director Jan Gonzales.

By the way, to support the actress and Kristen Stewart, which is quite friendly with Lily-rose Depp, daughter of Paradis and Depp.

Kate Moran, Yann Gonzalez, Vanessa Paradis and Nicolas Maury

Vanessa Paradis and Jan Gonzales
Kristen Stewart

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