Carbohydrates in the evening – the real evil

Углеводы вечером - реальное зло

Whether it is important to avoid the consumption of carbohydrates at night to lose weight – American doctors say that this is so.

Weight loss is challenging. You need to choose a set of products that will effectively help to get rid of excess fat Diet for weight loss should be rich in fiber, proteins, minerals and trace elements. But there is one thing that people always suggest when any package is to reduce carbohydrates, especially in the evening and night.

When we say “carbs”, the first thing that comes to mind is bread, pasta and sweets. But carbs are also in fruits, vegetables and nuts, however these types of carbohydrates do not interfere with weight loss. We are talking about the reduction or complete abstinence from “fast carbs” of pastries and sweets. Cereal also shouldn’t eat in the evening.

Complex carbohydrates are useful when you are trying to lose weight, as they are longer retain the feeling of satiety and you eat less than unhealthy products.

Why in the evening? In the second half of the day metabolism slows down, and everything is “extra”, immediately deposited in fat. So in the evening it is better to eat light salads and protein.