Casey Affleck has told how Jennifer garner and children inspired by his brother Ben on a sober lifestyle

Ben and Casey Affleck

A few days ago, 46-year-old Ben Affleck has returned home from rehab’s, where he was undergoing treatment for alcohol dependence. About how the actor is feeling right now, and that helped him make the decision to go to rehab, in an interview with ET told his younger brother, 43-year-old Casey Affleck.

Alcohol not only affects the person but also on his entire family. So I think that for the sake of their children and their mothers, including for himself, he’s doing a lot of work on myself,

he said.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer garner with kids

While Casey noted that to cope with alcohol addiction, his brother hard, because a bad habit passed down to him by inheritance.

Ben is an alcoholic. Most of our grandparents had problems with alcohol. Our father is also an alcoholic, but he has more than 30 years, leads a sober lifestyle, and I’ve been sober for six years. Ben is also trying to overcome this bad habit, but it’s not so simple. He has all possibilities for this, including time to be unhurried and to undergo rehabilitation in a good institution

he added.

Ben and Casey Affleck

Recall that in rehab Ben Affleck is sent to his ex-wife Jennifer garner — she drove him there in his car.

Jen wants Ben dedicated himself to sobriety. She tries to help him, however, understands that everything depends on him,

— recently told the insider.

By the way, despite problems with alcohol, Ben Affleck continues to equip their personal lives. Before he could break up with Lindsay Sukus as soon it was noticed in the company of 22-year-old Playboy model Shauna Sexton. And, sources say, their relationship continued to develop.

Ben Affleck and Sean Sexton

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