Castaner: thinking ahead on a “change in the doctrine of policing”

Castaner: réflexion à venir sur un "changement de doctrine de maintien de l'ordre"

The Interior minister Christophe Castaner, on a visit to the training centre of the gendarmerie in Saint-Astier (Dordogne), announced on Friday a “reflection” wider, “in the coming months”, on a “change in the doctrine of maintenance of order”.

“The public order changes. The violence is multiplying, the riot invites too consistently in the event, we must respond” by a “new national scheme for the maintenance of order,” said Mr. Castaner, in a speech to the gendarmes and CRS.

This scheme “will need to respond to new forms of violence, bring profound changes in the communication around the events, evolve our tactics and methods of action. It will also draw on the innovation and technological advances,” said the minister, who had already mentioned, at the end of 2018, a review.

“The aim is that in the coming months we can see clearly, sharing, including with parliamentarians, commission of the laws, for the achievement of this change of doctrine, or the evolution of a doctrine”, he added.

For “widening the debate”, “a panel of experts will meet, (which) will bring together personalities from all walks of life”. Gendarmes and police, “professional policing”, will be “naturally associated to this process”.

“It is not considered that everything that is done today would be bad, this is not the case. But from what is done, to see how we can adapt, evolve our system, change our hardware, provide investment plans”.

He cited the example of “the effectiveness of the gear pitchers of water” –it was embedded in one of them Friday– that “merit may be that we must strengthen our resources on those subjects”.

Regarding the launcher ball defense (LBD), in the heart of a heated debate in connection with the movement of the “yellow vests”, Mr. Castaner was deemed “essential that they (these arms of defence could be preserved. But there is a doctrine”. “And if we need changes, as we have decided, for example, on the device-camera-based pedestrian when there is use of the LBD (…), we are perfectly open to the study.

“We need to make a return of experience complete on the events of the past weeks, these past few years,” summed up the minister, in reference to the clashes that punctuated the events of the “yellow vests”, but also to the events surrounding the Act El-Khomri, or the evacuation of Notre-Dame-des-Landes.

Dr. Castaner attended the national training Centre of the forces of gendarmerie –that is 50 years old this year– a year for the maintenance of order in a true-false city centre. The Forces of order and the extras have simulated an “event calm with thugs infiltrated” and that degenerates, with jets of projectiles, tear gas, water cannons, grenades désencerclement, armoured vehicles, loads, etc, scenes that many cities have every Saturday for the past four months.