Celine Dion, the diva shines with a thousand lights in a suit and gold bling-bling wish !

Céline Dion, la diva brille de mille feux dans un tailleur doré et bling-bling à souhait !

In true showgirl, diva has put in full view wearing a tailored brocade in gold color. In this holding stage, Céline Dion has made a new proof of the eccentricity and originality. And that, we love it !

Céline Dion, la diva brille de mille feux dans un tailleur doré et bling-bling à souhait !
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Gold is the new black ! Between thepants vinyl and the jog lame red, Celine Dion continues to amaze us and dazzle us. While she had just finished her performance on stage, the diva of 50 years took the pose alongside singer Shania Twain dressed in a more clinquantes. In this photo, posted on his account Instagram, the interpreter of “My heart will go on” is resplendent in a tailor’spants right gilded baroque spirit signed Schiaparelli. A subtle print jacquard covers this set, worthy of an invitation in the court of Louis XIV. In queen of the bling-bling and the razzle-dazzle, Celine Dion let pass any detail. Arabesques sparkling in relief come to dress her shoulders and the tips of her sleeves. A held sound that brought out the blond in her hair while pointing to the perfection of his thin silhouette.

And this is not because we have the plays rococo, that you can’t be sexy. In order to bring a little levity to this whole flamboyant, Celine Dion opted for a blouse of white lace. A look glamorous and baroque , which would have been able to add an electric touch to the galerie des glaces of the Château of Versailles.

Celine Dion : a fashionista crazy for the looks bright

While it has just launched its brand of clothing no gender for children, Céline Dion is a true fashionista. Since the death of her husband and manager René Angelil, the mother of three children never ceases to amaze us in his stylistic metamorphosis. The singer found the smile and decided to put a little color in his life (well, especially in his dressing room). During her last world tour, in 2017, the diva has dared to look crazy and bright. Upon his arrival in Australia, Céline does not hesitate to go out with herjogging, candy pink. And when the star had to fly to Thailand, she appeared much more stylish in a tailor’s flashy yellow. A style that is casual that quickly rubbed off with his look of fatal woman inthigh-high boots with sequinsfor the Dior show and thecombination spirit black tuxedo with the plunging necklineduring her stint in the French capital.

In the Face of such a parade, we’d like to be a little mouse to drag a few moments in the dressing room of our diva’s favorite.

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