Changes the order of inspection

В Украине меняется порядок техосмотра

Changes the procedure of checkup of cars. So, from may 1, 2019, the owners of the vehicles subject to inspection will not only receive a paper on the passage of technical control, but samolinoy label, radio frequency identification, which need to attach to the windshield. About it reports a press-service of Ministry of internal Affairs center of Ukraine.

Law enforcement officers believe that the label with the radio frequency data will reduce the amount of the forged protocols on passing inspection. Changes in the order of carrying out obligatory technical control made according to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine No. 46, dated 23 January 2019.

Note, technical inspection (MOT) in Ukraine is mandatory for trucks, taxis, buses and vehicles that transport dangerous goods. Also needed passenger cars used for commercial purposes. Other cars do not pass inspection in 2011.