Charlie sheen, Freddie mercury and other celebrities diagnosed with HIV

The human immunodeficiency virus, better known as HIV, which leads to the development of AIDS, often called the plague of the XX century. Despite the development of medicine and science, vaccines against this disease are still not invented. However, HIV-infected people do not stop to lead a full life and enjoy every day. Today, on world day against AIDS-talk about HIV-infected celebrities who do not hide their illness, and some even spoke about it publicly.

Freddie Mercury

Perhaps one of the most famous HIV-positive artists were Freddie mercury. For the first time that the singer contracted the infection began in 1986, and then close to him the sources of “leaked” information to journalists about the fact that Freddie was HIV test.

Three years later the admirers of the leader, the Queen drew attention to the fact that he lost a lot of weight and began to look pretty bad. To talk about their illness publicly, mercury is not in a hurry: what I hoped to be able to live with the virus for a very long time, or just didn’t want to upset fans. On 23 November 1991 he made an official statement.

Given the rumors, walking in the press the last two weeks, I want to confirm: my blood work test for HIV was positive. I have AIDS. I thought it necessary to keep this information secret in order to preserve the tranquility of family and friends. However, it is time to tell the truth to my friends and fans around the world. I hope everyone will join the fight against this terrible disease

he said.

The next day, 24 November, 45-year-old Freddie mercury was not. Cause of death was bronchial pneumonia caused by AIDS.

I must say that the singer was often suspected of sexual orientation, although he never openly did not admit it. A year after the death of Freddie mercury at a concert of its memory of the famous British singer George Michael said that the leader of the Queen was bisexual.

Recently, by the way, the film was released “Bohemian Rhapsody” (“Bohemian Rhapsody”), dedicated to the life and work of musician, Rami Malek in the title role. For two months, the picture managed to collect nearly $ 500 million at the box office.

Charlie Sheen

Coming out about your disease Charlie sheen made three years ago. Live the Today Show NBC, the actor said that he is a carrier of the HIV virus.

I’m here to admit that I was HIV-positive. I had to stop all this wave of gossip, accusations and innuendo. The press contains many stories that are very harmful and even dangerous to the health of many people. They have no shred of truth, he said.

Shin admitted that his diagnosis was recognized in 2011 when he was 46 years old. When and from whom he contracted, he Tires not aware of. However, given the fact that he was never very consistently, and regularly change sexual partners, it is not surprising.

In recognition of the star, due to his diagnosis, he fell into severe depression and was fond of alcohol, and in addition, pretty much spent. But not on treatment, and to silence numerous mistresses, who began to blackmail him and threatened to tell the media about his diagnosis.

Rudolf Nureyev

The famous Soviet and French ballet dancer of HIV was diagnosed in 1983 — at that time Nureeva was 45 years old. After this the actor lived for nearly 10 years and died January 6, 1993. There is a version that has infected the dancer in the hospital, when one day he received a transfusion of infected blood.

Rudolf Nureyev found fame not only at home but also abroad. In 1961, having departed for a tour of Paris, he decided not to return to the Soviet Union and remained in the West. The fact that Nureyev was a homosexual, and in the Soviet Union, man with a different sexual orientation to live would be unbearable. Eventually he was declared a traitor and sentenced to seven years in prison. In his native country Nureyev for the first time after the flight arrived in 1987 for the last time to see dying mother and to say goodbye to her. Two years later he returned to the USSR, where he performed at the Kirov theatre. However, during the years of emigration, a true home for him was France, where he spent the last years of his life.

Conchita Wurst

In April of this year, the winner of the musical contest “Eurovision — 2014” Conchita Wurst (real name of the musician Thomas Neuwirth) announced that he is HIV positive.

For many years now I am HIV-positive. In fact, this information is not for society, but my ex-friend threatened to go public. In the future I’m not going to give anyone the right to threaten me and manipulate my life

— admitted 30-year-old actor and said that he had not done that in public before, because I didn’t want to expose loved ones unnecessary attention from the public and the press that they were attacked.

I appeal to my fans: information on my HIV status is new to you, but not for me! I’m not complaining about health and feeling good. I became stronger and freer than ever, I’m passionate! Thank you for your support!

— he concluded.

Anthony Perkins

The famous role of Norman Bates in the Alfred Hitchcock film “Psycho” (Psycho) Anthony Perkins died in 1992 at age 60 from pneumonia caused by AIDS. The diagnosis he was put for two years before his death.

Despite the fact that the actor was married and raised two sons, all of Hollywood knew of his homosexual inclinations — in his youth he was carried away exclusively by men. However, their orientation, he did not hide his novels with actors Rock Hudson and Tab hunter, and also ballet dancer Rudolf Nuriev went a lot of conversations.

Anthony Perkins in “Psycho”

The same Perkins widow survived him by nine years — it was a passenger plane that 11 September 2001 was captured by the suicide bombers and crashed into the world trade center in new York.

Tony Richardson

The winner of the prize “Oscar” for the film “Tom Jones” (Tom Jones), famous British Director, Tony Richardson, diagnosed HIV encouraged to do coming out — he openly declared his bisexuality. Richardson, by the way, was for several years married to actress Vanessa Redgrave, married with whom he had two daughters. Then he had a few relationships with various women, one of whom bore him a daughter. But his dealings with men the wider public were not aware even after his confession.

Tony Richardson died in 1991 from complications of AIDS. The Director was 63 years old.

Robert Mapplethorpe

The American cult photographer Robert Mapplethorpe and close friend Patti Smith became famous for his homoerotic imagery, and quite extraordinary individual style. By the way, the heroes of his pictures became many celebrities, including, for example, was Richard Gere and Arnold Schwarzenegger.

About the fact that Mapplethorpe is infected with HIV became known in 1986 when he was 40 years old. Upon hearing of his diagnosis, Robert has established the “Fund for Robert Mapplethorpe”, the proceeds from which went to medical research on HIV.

Robert Mapplethorpe died at age 42 from complications of AIDS.

Isaac Asimov

American science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, fate played a cruel joke. In 1983, he underwent heart surgery, but it was fatal at the time of surgery infected him with HIV. After that, he lived another nine years and died in 1992 in the 73rd year of life. The cause of death was heart and kidney failure resulting from complications of HIV.

Isaac Asimov was married twice. His first wife, Gertrude, Blugerman, bore him two children. Married to his second wife, Janet Opal, Jepson, he had no children. It was she, by the way, told the world about the illness of his wife in his biography, which it released 10 years after his death.

Gia Karanja

Famous American model of the late 70s — early 80s, when Karanja is very quickly achieved success in the modeling business and became famous. Moving to new York at the age of 17, suddenly struck her fame and international recognition has led, unfortunately, to tragic consequences — the model was addicted to drugs. And since she lived from a young age to control her there was no one. At first Gia only took cocaine, but in 1980, after the death of Wilhelmina Cooper, who helped her get into the modeling business, Karanja hooked on heroin.

After this modeling career has suffered greatly: she was late for the photo shoot, behaved inappropriately, fell asleep in front of the camera, and did not hesitate to use drugs in the Studio. Many photographers simply refused to work with her. Gia was repeatedly treated for drug addiction, but each time it does not end.

After Gia was using heroin, in the pictures her hands were deliberately hidden, because the track marks are highly conspicuous (model injected several times a day). In 1983, GE career as a model ended as quickly as it had begun.

After another rehabilitation course close models believed that she was able to cope with the addiction — Jee again appeared interest to life, and she even was going to go to College. But soon Karanja again failed and has not only returned to the pernicious habit, but also engaged in prostitution.

In 1986 she was diagnosed with AIDS. She died in the same year at the age of 26 years. The disease is so disfigured it that the model was buried in a closed coffin.

Alexis Arquette

Alexis is the sister of famous actor David Arquette. In fact she was born a boy called Robert. At the age of 38 she made a sex-change operation, but in different periods of life seemed then woman, then man.

HIV same Alexis had contracted at the age of 18 years. She died in 2016 at the age of 47 from a heart attack that was caused by HIV.

Arquette starred in such famous films as “pulp fiction” (Pulp Fiction), “Bride of Chucky” (Bride of Chucky) and “Xena — warrior Princess” (Xena: Warrior Princess).

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