Chief medical examiner Ontario: the heat could be the cause of 3 deaths (PHOTOS)

Главный судмедэксперт Онтарио: жара могла стать причиной 3 смертей (ФОТО)

The chief coroner of Ontario announced that three recent death in the province may have been due to heat. For comparison, similar deaths in Quebec was ten.

Dr. Dirk Hoyer told reporters on Tuesday, July 11, for the last four days reported three cases of death.

Health service of Quebec noted that 70 people died of complications caused by overheating, which was the result of the intense heat in Montreal, the air warmed up to +34 C.

Hoyer says that the numbers are so different, because in Ontario are doing an autopsy before declaring a cause of death, but in order to obtain data that could take months.

According to him, in Ontario also determine death related to heat, not like in Quebec, then consider death associated with heat, only those cases when the temperature is the direct or main cause.

The government of Quebec has stated that many of those who died from the heat already suffered from chronic diseases that only aggravated it.

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