Child lure: no need for warrant to write to a suspect, says Supreme Court

The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that undercover police officers do not need to obtain a court order before using e-mail or text messages to contact a person suspected of luring children.

The decision released Thursday concerns Sean Patrick Mills, a Newfoundlander who was convicted of luring on the internet after a police officer pretended to be a 14-year-old girl named “Leann” in online conversations.

The agent created an email account and Facebook page for the fake teenager in 2012, to see if anyone was trying to target minors.

The agent received a 32-year-old Facebook message from Sean Patrick Mills, who was followed by a sexual e-mail exchange.

The police used screen capture software to capture and save copies of communications, but did not have a court-approved warrant.

Sean Patrick Mills was arrested in a park in Saint John where he had arranged a meeting with the “girl”.