China forbidden to continue the experiment in human genetic modification

В Китае запретили продолжать эксперимент по генетической модификации человека

The government of China adopted the decision on termination of work of a group of scientists that announced the birth of the world’s first genetically modified twins. This writes the Associated Press.

With the corresponding statement was made by Deputy Minister of science and technology of China Xu Nanping.

According to officials in his Ministry to consider the conduct of such experiments are illegal and unacceptable, and we intend to investigate the activities of the scientist and his team.

In addition, more than a hundred leading Chinese scholars signed a statement demanding to stop the experiment.

As previously reported “FACTS”, Chinese scholar he Cisangkuy said that earlier this month were born the world’s first genetically modified humans — girls-twins.

Approval CE, DNA twin girls were edited using a technique called CRISPR/Cas9. The researchers turned off the gene CCR5, which should develop resistance to HIV among twins. , Facebook and Twitter

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