China has unveiled a prototype of a new generation of supercomputer

Китай представил прототип суперкомпьютера нового поколения

A device called the “Tianhe-3” is able to perform 1 trillion operations per second.

Tianjin national supercomputer center presented at the ongoing Tianjin intellectual world Congress a prototype of a supercomputer.

A device called the “Tianhe-3” is able to perform 1 trillion operations per second, according to the online edition of the with reference for a New time.

This is the first official presentation of this prototype. It is expected that the new supercomputer will play an important role in addressing such global challenges as energy crisis, healthcare, and climate change.

In particular, this supercar will be used in genetic engineering in the analysis of proteins. Thus, we can expect new discoveries in the field of medicine. Also “Tianhe-3” will be able to simulate the earthquake.

Engineer of National supercomputing center in Tianjin Zhang ting, reported earlier that the computational ability of a supercomputer of the new generation in 200 times exceeds the capacity of the country’s first supercomputer Tianhe-1 with a performance of a quadrillion calculations per second.

How to say the engineers, the new supercomputer will receive the main chip, standalone operating system and autonomously operating the computing environment private Chinese development, which should increase the attractiveness of “Chinese innovation”.

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