Chinese stole $1 million because of an error in the ATM

Китаец украл $1 млн из-за ошибки в банкоматах

Chinese programmer Qin Zisheng discovered vulnerability ATM Huaxia Bank and thanks to her got $1 million, reports The South China Morning Post.

43-year-old man has been programming in the engineering Department of Huaxia Bank. He soon found out that the ATMs of this credit organization “not see” cash after midnight. As a result, the Chinese withdrew from Huaxia Bank accounts more than 7 million yuan ($1 million).

It is noteworthy that the Bank for a year did not notice the loss.

He Zisheng a large part of the money put into your Bank account and the rest invested in the stock market.

The Bank found the vulnerability and contacted the police. The man returned all the money and credit organization was asked to close the case. However, the Chinese court refused to stop the investigation. Now the programmer faces 10.5 years in prison.