Chrissy Teigen talked about the relationship with her husband, the extra weight and love your body

Chrissy Teigen

33-year-old Chrissy Teigen became the main heroine of the January issue of British Elle. The star participated in a very candid photoshoot and also spoke with journalists on various topics. The full interview models will be available on December 12, after the magazine’s on sale, but the network has already appeared some excerpts from it. Here are the most interesting moments of this conversation.

About my personal life

Chrissy Teigen happily married to 39-year-old musician John Legenda for more than five years. However, in recognition of the stars, she immediately saw John the man of my dreams and especially my future husband.

Chrissy Teigen with her husband John Legend

In an interview with reporters the model Elle remembered that she met her future husband on the set of the video for his song Stereo in 2007. Then the couple spent 12 hours together on the set (in most scenes of the music video John and Chrissy appear in their underwear). However, even after that, the spark between the model and the musician slipped not once.

It wasn’t love at first sight… I haven’t had thoughts like “Oh my God, he’s so sexy!”. However, even then, he made the first move… We were together for 12 hours is like 12 first dates immediately

— told Chrissy about her meeting with her husband.

Chrissy Teigen

About love yourself, stretch marks and extra weight

In may this year, Chrissy Teigen became a mother for the second time. For this pregnancy, the star gained more than 27 pounds and seven months after childbirth have not completely returned to form. However, the model recognizes that absolutely no worries about and loves and accepts himself a new one.

I’ve been eating too much during the second pregnancy. John could make me a sandwich right at midnight, and I certainly could not abandon it. In the end, gained more than 27 pounds, but it was just a great time!

says Chrissie of the reasons for his weight gain.

Teigen also admitted that he believes that photoshop their own pictures — it’s crazy. She admitted that he is not going to hide the stretch marks on her body that she had after giving birth.

I starred with the Victoria’s Secret models. And how much I was surprised to see that these models are no different from ordinary women: they too have scars, stretch marks, bruises… Is it right to call it a flaw? — told Chrissy about one of their shocks.

Chrissy Teigen with children

Teigen also admitted that lampooned husband to the gym only in the hours while she sleeps.

He can’t practice if I don’t sleep! Understand, it’s hard to see your husband’s body has become more perfect when you just gave birth and, to put it mildly, are not in shape. Then I tell him, “Hell, pick up the output and don’t go to the gym!”,

— with a smile said Chrissie in an interview with Elle.

The attitude of the President of the United States

In a recent interview with reporters, Chrissy also touched upon the fact that for several years is in the black list Donald trump on Twitter because of his loud statements in the address.

In his place I would too myself blocked! I wrote to him even before he became President. I just despise this man. He behaves as if innocent of any involvement. It’s a talent of a kind! Even a broken clock behave safer— spoke Teigen.


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