Christchurch: the terrorist right-wing had announced the massacre on the Internet

Christchurch: le terroriste d'extrême droite avait annoncé le massacre sur Internet

An Australian, known to be an extremist of the right, was reportedly detained with three other people in New Zealand after an attack that killed at least 49 people dead in two mosques in the city of Christchurch this Friday the 15th. He had expressed on the Internet his desire to commit this terrorist act.

New Zealand saw “one of the darkest days” of its history according to the First minister Jacinda Ardern. Two mosques were targeted in an attack in Christchruch, at least 49 people are dead (according to the latest official still provisional).

No fewer than four suspects have been arrested. One of the shooters is an Australian of 28 years, according to local authorities who have not specified if it was in the hands of the forces of order also. This man was known for his radicalism, extreme-right and its character as a particularly violent.

It would have elsewhere spoken of the attack on the us site 8chan. On this site, where the users are anonymous, the attack became the first topic of conversation and many comments welcoming this shooter have been published.

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And this is not all because Brenton Tarrant has also filmed the massacre live on Facebook. The live has since been deleted by the social network, but at the dawn in France, the unbearable images were still visible.

France-Soir has chosen not to share the video of extreme violence. The suspect seemed by against specially equipped and had at least four weapons of war. By his gestures, he seemed to be well-trained. He had posted a “manifesto” entitled The Great Replacement: with which he justified his gesture.

Like this man, none of the other suspects was not registered on any file monitoring. Explosive devices were found in their vehicles.

It was not stated if he was dead, in flight or if it was part of the four suspects arrested.

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