Christchurch: the wave of hate anti-islam and conspiracy theories after the attack

Christchurch: déferlante de haine islamophobe et théories du complot après l'attentat

At least 49 people have been killed this Friday, march 15, in attacks against two mosques of Christchurch in New Zealand. A suspected terrorist of the extreme right was arrested. On social networks, many messages of islamophobia have been posted, some welcoming this individual…

The new zealand authorities processing immigrant have confirmed that the main suspect of the terrorist attack in Christchurch was an Australian of 28 years, belonging to a sphere of influence extremist right-particularly violent.

The man, identified as a certain Brenton Tarrant, who had announced that he was going to target mosques, live-streamed his crimes on Facebook.

Under the live, but also on Twitter, many messages of islamophobia have congratulated him for the atrocities he committed. Internet users agree with its racist ideology and extremist, have even felt that he “deserved a medal“.

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Of hate comments like “this is a just return of things”, “who sows the terror in the harvest reprisal” or “we must fight evil with evil” have also been posted on Facebook.

Watching the video of the attacks, the extremists have been able to read the inscriptions painted on one of the assault rifles to the shooter.

The number “14” was written on the barrel of the weapon. It refers to a slogan (14 words) of David Lane, famous suprematist white american as a terrorist.

Names of terrorists islamophobia were also marked on a charger being used by Brenton Tarrant during the attack on Friday.

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On the site, 8chan, where the users remain anonymous, and on which Brenton Tarrant had announced the attacks, montages photos that make heroes the suspected terrorist.

Some compare him to Anders Breivik, the terrorist Norwegian extreme right-which has made 77 people dead and 151 wounded on the island of Utoya in 2011.

There are also advanced of conspiracy theories, blaming the massacre of Christchurch to the Jews and the Mossad (israeli secret service).

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