Christians got scared and decided not to release the comic

Испугались христиан и решили не выпускать комикс

The American company DC Comics has cancelled the release of the comic book “the Second coming”, the Central character of which is Jesus Christ. The reason for this decision was the indignation of conservative Christians.

The plot of the comic, God was disappointed the first coming of Jesus Christ, for it ended with the crucifixion. Now He sends his son to Earth again. But this time instructs Jesus to learn from the Almighty superhero Sanmina – Human-sun.

Intention to grant “the Second coming” caused discontent on the Internet. A petition to cancel the comic published on the online platform CitizenGо groups of protection of interests of Christians and anti-abortion, LGBT and euthanasia. Critics of the comic have called it an “outrageous and blasphemous content.” Suggested to imagine the reaction of media and political scandal if the publisher of DC Comics to mock Muhammad or Buddha. The petition has collected 234 signatures.

The first of six planned volumes of the series “the Second coming” was supposed to come out in March.

Испугались христиан и решили не выпускать комикс

“In the comic, Jesus Christ returns and begins to restore its doctrine that selfish people use to their advantage, says author mark Russell. – Religious fundamentalists and critics who are trying to stop “the Second coming” are not interested in the protection of Christ, in his control of the narrative. They probably (correctly) suspect that prodiraetsya not Jesus, but themselves. And how they distorted his teachings about the mercy to the helpless tool of selfish strong.”

Russell has now said that the copyright be returned to him, and he will find a new publisher.