Christina Aguilera, Ryan Gosling, Tom cruise and other stars, which consisted of sects

Mormonism, Scientology, breatharianism — who would have thought that among the many celebrities who share (or have shared in the past) the views of the followers of these religious movements. Someone from the stars was brought up in these sects from birth and recalls with horror about his childhood, someone became a follower of these trends in more Mature age, and continues to adhere to these views so far. How’s life in the sect influenced the further destiny Christina Aguilera, Ryan Gosling, Tom cruise, Michelle Pfeiffer, John Travolta and other stars, talk in our material.

Christina Aguilera

Parents popular singer Christina Aguilera was the Mormons. It is the belief of them and closer together — they met while students at the Mormon College, and then married in community of the Church. Apparently considering that his wife did not violate the religious principles of the community (and the Mormons it is impossible to divorce), the father of Aguilera’s voice began to raise his hand not only his wife, but to young daughters. Fortunately for Christine, her mother, their religious beliefs changed and, taking Christina and her younger sister, Rachel, ran away from a cruel husband.

Christina Aguilera (centre) with his sister Rachel and mother Shelley

About the childhood of Christina, of course, said reluctantly and the time spent among the Mormons, trying not to remember.

Amy Adams

Mormons were the parents of Amy Adams. So up to 11 years, while the mother and father of the actress were together (then they got divorced and left the sect), Adams was brought up in this community. About his childhood, like Aguilera, she doesn’t particularly like.

The principles of this religious doctrine has developed her strong self-doubt and a recurring sense of guilt. And now, according to the actress, she feels very uncomfortable when, for example, drinks alcohol, smokes or just having fun in General, does all the things that Mormons do absolutely forbid it.

Ryan Gosling

Yes, he too! This famous actor grew up among Mormons.

We grew up very religious. My mother admits it. She says we were raised by a religious fanatic. She, of course, changed, but then it was evident in everything from what we eat, to how you should behave,

— told Ryan Gosling.

Ryan Gosling with mom Donna

Perhaps a strict upbringing and prohibitions effect on the character of 37-year-old actor, who likes to spread about his personal life and rarely enters the frame with his 44-year-old sweetheart Eva Mendes and their two daughters: four-year and two-year-old Esmeralda Amada.

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling and daughter Esmeralda

Katherine Heigl

But the parents of Katherine Heigl turned to religion after their family came misfortune. When Catherine was eight years old, died in a car accident her older brother. Consolation to the poor parents, as is often the case, began to look for faith, and also joined the ranks of Mormons.

Unlike his colleagues, Heigl, which is no longer adheres to the Mormon beliefs, is left of life in this sect pleasant experience. According to her, there are different communities: some (apparently, they consisted of the family Aguilera and Adams) are renowned for their cruelty and total bans, while others with kindness and respect family values.

I had a real childhood. I listened to their parents and respected the rules. I commend the Mormon Church for helping my parents in sorrow

she said.

Tom Cruise

That 55-year-old Tom cruise is a follower of the Church of Scientology, has long been known and religious views of this doctrine he adheres to since 1990. For 28 years he not only never from them do not disown, but, it seems, on the contrary, became even more zealous in their adept. For the sake of faith, he even refused him to put ten meetings per month with a 12-year-old daughter Suri for the reason that she… not a Scientologist.

Tom cruise with daughter Suri

The two previous cruise marriage, Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes broke up because of his religious affiliation: Holmes refused to become a follower of the Church and insisted that Suri was brought up in the Catholic faith, and Kidman did not like the leaders of Scientology, which has contributed to the divorce of star pair.

And although Scientology Church is not forbidden in the USA, in many European countries it equates to religious sects. Cruz himself said that thanks to Scientology, he was able to cope with dyslexia.

John Travolta

John Travolta — one of the most famous followers of the Church of Scientology. He joined her in 1975, but, as they say, in 2009, after an epileptic seizure he died, his son Jett, he is in this religious doctrine was disappointed.

The fact that Scientologists are opposed to traditional medicine and believe that even serious illness can be cured by faith and spiritual practices. Needless to say that the Jetta, all this has not helped? The doctors said that if he took special drugs, the death could have been avoided.

John Travolta with wife Kelly Preston, daughter Ella and son Jetton

However, the ranks of Scientology Travolta then left. It was said that the leaders of the movement threatened him with publication of some compromising information about him — simply put, blackmailed, if he leaves the cult.

Giovanni Ribisi

The actor became a Scientologist, that is, inherited. In 1970, four years before the birth of Giovanni, among the supporters of this religion joined his father albert Ribisi. He along with all the other followers were working from morning until night for pennies, all in the name of the Church, and then began to speak (he was a musician) in a Scientology center, where it was considered a real star.

Giovanni Ribisi and is now an ardent supporter of Scientology.

Scientology gave me the confidence. Thanks to her, I can comfortably communicate with anyone in any situation

he said.

Elisabeth Moss

The star of the show “the handmaid’s Tale” (The Handmaid’s Tale) became acquainted with Scientology through his parents, who were followers of this Church. According to moss, this religion gives it power, stability and allows you to be the best version of yourself. Among her friends a lot of Scientologists who, in her opinion, helped her to succeed in her acting career.

By the way, rumor has it that members of the Church of Scientology even wanted to take Elisabeth moss Tom cruise after he divorced Katie Holmes. However, this Union is never meant to be.

Rose McGowan

Rose McGowan was in a cult against their will, and thanks to his father, Daniel, who suddenly became a member of a religious cult, preaching polygamy and pedophilia, “Children of God”. The child actress was held in almost complete isolation from the outside world.

We had no Newspapers, no TV. We were kept completely in the dark, so we obeyed

— recalls the actress.

Rose McGowan with her parents and brother
Rose McGowan

Despite the fact that leaving the sect was impossible, rose at the age of nine with his father (who, after learning that the cult encouraged sexual relations between adults and children, as if sight), sister and his second wife managed to escape.

We ran through the cornfield as fast as I could, because the members of the cult went to find us when they realized we escaped. I remember the man with a hammer who was trying to catch up with us, ‘ said McGowan.

Joaquin and river Phoenix

In the “Children of God” was brought up and the brothers Phoenix: Joaquin and river. Adherents of this sect were their parents. However, in contrast to the family of rose McGowan, leave it to them managed without strong resistance “superiors.” After this, by the way, the parents of Joaquin and river and took the stage name Phoenix, which became the symbol of their new life.

Joaquin and river Phoenix with their mother Arlyn

When the parents of Joaquin and river decided to leave the sect, the brothers were four and eight years respectively (by the way, the river died in 1993), so memories of the cult from Joaquin there’s not much left.

When people talk about education in “the Children of God”, always use the negative color. I think my parents really believed it all, and most people see it all differently. And I always thought it was strange and unfair,

— said the actor.

Joaquin Phoenix

Winona Ryder

Winona Ryder spent her childhood in an agricultural community called “rainbow” in Northern California. Family actress shared 300 acres of land with seven families. This commune, at first glance, was fairly innocuous and preached non-violence and egalitarianism. However, saying that its members abused drugs and lived by stealing.

In addition, the municipality did not have electricity (use is prohibited) and, consequently, the television, and therefore the connection with the outside world was very conditional. The only entertainment for the expectant actress was reading, which she dedicated all my free time. When she was ten years old, my parents left the sect after moving to another city.

David Arquette

Former husband of Courteney Cox David Arquette brothers and sisters were brought up in a cult called “Subud” in Winchester, Virginia. Cult members could not use neither electricity nor running water. Arquette parents believed that living in community will change the lives of their families for the better.

David and Patricia Arquette

In spite of the teachings and principles of the sect (many hours of meditation and communion with God), mother and David’s father Arquette were drug addicts and often let his fists. According to his sister Patricia Arquette, their house was “full of drama”.

Subud has not helped the parents of David to overcome addiction. After a few years they left the sect, but to use drugs and have not stopped.

Michelle Pfeiffer

When Michelle Pfeiffer first moved to Los Angeles at the age of 20, she met a couple who were of peteryantv and promoted the existence without food and water. These people argued that for the normal human life is enough to live on sunlight and air.

The actress saved her future husband Peter Horton. When Michelle met him, he had just starred in the film about the sect of the moon. After reading his script and penetrating the essence, Pfeiffer realized that she is in a religious cult, and then immediately left.

Peter Horton and Michelle PfeifferMichelle Pfeiffer

Val Kilmer

The role of Batman in “Batman forever” (Batman Forever) grew up in a sect “Christian science”. A member he is to this day.

In 2016, the principles which preached the cult, almost brought the actor to the grave. Like the Scientologists, the followers of Christian science deny medicine, and believe that only prayers can save people from many troubles, including from disease.

When Kilmer learned that he had throat tumor formed, he did not seek help from doctors, but simply has to cover his neck scarves, ignoring cancer symptoms. After he started bleeding, he was taken to hospital where he underwent emergency surgery. However, after that the actor believed that helped him not professional doctors, and prayers.

Ellen DeGeneres

The famous TV host is not shy about talking about his past. She was born in Louisiana and her father was a reader in the Church of “Christian science” — something of a preacher.

In an interview, she, remembering his childhood, talked about his family and life in the community:

There was no booze, no cigarettes, no swearing. I didn’t see strong emotions from their parents. Everything was very good and superficial. I never knew about the true feelings of my loved ones. In this religion everybody has always been good

was all she said.

To 14 years Ellen never received any medical help (she doesn’t even make any another child’s vaccinations), yet she was not much injured.

When DeGeneres turned 16, her parents divorced and she began living with the mother who left the community.

We have ceased to be the followers of Christian science. And I began to take aspirin and anti-diarrhea medication. I was wild!

was all she said.

John Lennon

Was John Lennon in the sect, is not known. However, he loved to go to a vegetarian restaurant The Source in Los Angeles, owned by Jim Baker, founder of the sect “Family source” and is known as father Yod.

John Lennon

The Iodine had 14 wives and, according to rumors, he killed two men with his bare hands. This commune preached “free love,” not banned drugs and advocated polygamy (however, with such a leader this is not surprising).

Father Yod and their wives
Father Yod (center)

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