Christophe Dettinger laid off, his semi-freedom challenged?

Christophe Dettinger mis à pied, sa semi-liberté remise en cause?

The ex-boxer yellow Jacket Christophe Dettinger, who was sentenced to a year in prison for voluntary violence committed on the two gendarmes on 5 January in Paris, has been suspended from his functions of member of the council staff by the city of Arpajon. This decision could have consequences on his semi-freedom.

Christophe Dettinger only be working temporarily at the landfill of the city of Arpajon (Essonne). The ex-boxer yellow Jacket, who is serving in semi-freedom a sentence of one year in prison for hitting two policemen in Paris on 5 January last, has been suspended from his duties pending a disciplinary procedure.

According to RTL, the new was announced Thursday, march 21, when he received by hand a letter to him notifying his layoff.

Her lawyer, Master Laurence Light fell from the skies. She does not understand the reason for this decision because since the conviction fell, Christophe Dettinger has been at the heart of any incident at his workplace.

In le Parisien, it was felt that the high media coverage that it has been subject to these last few days may be “annoyed” its leaders.

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“Media attention has perhaps annoyed… at noon, just before the mail, a team of Cyril Hanouna came to film it. And then there is this story of the prize pool, which has been in the information sites”, she stressed.

The city of Arpajon has confirmed the impressions of the lawyer: “as a public official on territorial, it is necessary to observe a certain reserve duty on a number of topics. In the context that the agent knows today, we believe that it was not necessary to add more media discussion”.

Since his conviction, Christophe Dettinger was in semi-freedom. He went to the town hall on his work hours, then go to sleep in the prison.

This Friday, he has had the opportunity to go and see his family up to 18h. But it should shortly have an appointment with an officer of the penitentiary services of insertion and probation (SPIP), because this situation can have serious consequences on his semi-freedom.

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