Clashes between French fishermen and british around the St-Jacques (video)

Affrontements entre pêcheurs français et britanniques autour de la Saint-Jacques (vidéo)

A violent clash has opposed to Tuesday in the bay of Seine fishermen, the british and French. If there are no injuries three boats have been damaged especially after a british trawler was violently rammed a small French ship.

The images of the confrontation between French fishermen and british are impressive and, fortunately, it has not caused any injuries. A violent altercation, to the tunes of a naval battle, took place on Tuesday 28 in the morning off the Bay of the Seine, at more than 12 nautical miles from the coast. It has opposed a fleet of 40 ships in normandy five large british vessels fishing on the bottom fishing at the St. Jacques.

Subject to quotas and time regulated fisheries, the French fishermen complain that their counterparts from across the Channel, it is not subject to these regulations, to loot the resources in coquilles Saint-Jacques and leaving them only crumbs. The first took the sea to try to oppose the fishing of the latter. And the opposition has quickly escalated into confrontation. Throwing stones and flares, insults, invectives, dangerous manoeuvres…

A british ship (whose home port is located in Peterhead in Scotland) has even hit deliberately with a high level of violence a small trawler French that had a lot of luck. The arrival of the stars of the maritime gendarmerie has put an end to the confrontation. They were escorted out of the area of the british vessels after controlled. Three vessels are damaged, with holes in their hull.

The Normans complain of unfair competition in the international waters. In effect, fishermen, flying the tricolour flag does not have the right to catch the shell before the 1st of October. A restriction that does not touch the british fishermen.

For the British, it is open bar: they fish when they want, where they want and as much as they want. We don’t want to prevent them from fishing. But they expect at least the 1st of October, so that we share it together!“, denounced Dimitri Rogoff, chairman of the regional committee of fisheries of Normandy with the Figaro. More than 70 vessels, british and irish, from large boats, industrial, fishing the scallops in the offshore territorial waters of france. On the French side, according to the regional committee of fisheries, nearly 300 boats of Normandy and the Hauts-de-France, much smaller than their counterparts in anglo-saxon countries, are concerned, to make a living for some 1,200 families.

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