Clayne Crawford (“lethal Weapon”) be back soon in a serial

Clayne Crawford ("L'Arme fatale") bientôt de retour dans une série

Clayne Crawford, who was fired from The fatal Weapon last summer after a violent argument with Damon Wayans, will soon be the main role in an episode of the horror series Into the dark produced by Jason Blum on the website Hulu.

At the end of season 2 of The fatal Weapon, fans of the american series have had the resolve to say goodbye to Martin Riggs that Clayne Crawford performed from the beginning up to…

A violent quarrel between him and Damon Wayans, aka Roger Murtaugh, co-star of the series, broke out in the middle of shooting and the actor has been accused of racism. He has been dismissed despite the support of other actors and some members of the production.

Tuesday, 12 march, during the night, the viewers of TF1 were able to discover the season 3 of The fatal Weapon without the legendary Riggs. Seann William Scott interprets Wesley Cole, the new teammate of Murtaugh.

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For its part, Clayne Crawford -who had lived very badly to be fired like that (in particular taking on Twitterà his colleague Keesha Sharp that he thought his side)- has returned to the small screen.

A year after the end of lethal Weapon for him, the american actor, 40-year-old has landed a role in the horror series Into the dark.

According to the website TVLine, he will be the time of an episode the main role of a widower, the father of the family, who is confronted with supernatural beings (and obviously not very nice…) while he is traveling with his two daughters. This episode will be available on Hulu starting June 7.

The principle of this series is that there is really no season. Each episode corresponds in fact to a legend concerning a party or a holiday and is broadcast in the month corresponding to it.

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