Climate: Doctors worry about their patients

In the next 50 years, 20,000 people will die because of climate change in Quebec. A disturbing situation that should prompt the government to act, according to a group of 20 organizations of doctors and nurses in the province.

In a press conference this morning, grouping, headed by the Canadian Association of Physicians for the Environment (CAPE), said that climate change is the greatest threat to the health of the XXI th century, according to World Health Organization.

Progression of Lyme disease, increased incidence of Nile virus, more and more frequent heat waves, increased cases of asthma … Climate change has many health impacts, explained D re Claudel kneader-Desrosiers, representative of ACME. “We are joining forces to protect the health of Quebeckers,” she says.

Already visible impacts

ACME’s Urgentologist and Vice-President, Dr. Eric Notebaert stresses that climate change is bringing new patients to hospitals. “When I started 20 years ago, I did not see that, heat waves,” he says. Every summer, several patients come to the emergency room because they are affected by the heat. “It’s the most fragile people who suffer the most. […] The pressure is enormous on the system, “says Dr. Notebaert.

The group urges the government to immediately adopt several actions, such as stopping all exploitation of hydrocarbons and massively developing public transport. “We have to stop foolish projects like the third link,” says Dr. Notebaert.

The grouping, in which the Association of Emergency Physicians of Quebec, the Interprofessional Federation of Health and the Student Medical Federation are involved, calls on the population to participate in the great march of the collective will be held across the country on April 27.