Climate: Marine Le Pen considers “inconsistent” the NGOS who are attacking the State

Climat: Marine Le Pen juge "incohérentes" les ONG qui attaquent l'Etat

Marine Le Pen said on Thursday that she “did not understand” the complaints of NGOS filed against the French State for “violations” of his obligation to act against global warming, deeming them “inconsistent” on the nuclear, that she defends as a”clean energy”.

Four NGOS, strong of the support of two million petitioners, have challenged the State in court Thursday for “breaches” of its obligation action against global warming, the beginning of a long procedure and a new stage in the mobilization of citizens on the climate.

“I found (…) inconsistent because often, these same NGOS fighting against nuclear power. However, the nuclear it is precisely the clean energy. Therefore, it is necessary to be consistent at a given time”, said the president of the national Gathering in The Emission policy on France 2.

In addition, she pleaded, “we’re probably one of the most virtuous of the world in this field, we have made a lot of efforts. And in terms of CO2 emissions, we have exceptional results”.

Marine Le Pen has also said she does “not see much fight against the economic model which (…) is in the process of destroying the planet, the model of free trade, the utralibéralisme, which means that they buy less expensive something that comes of 10,000 kilometres, rather than something that comes from 10 km”.

She finally asked why are these NGOS “international, are not going to act against the United States, China”, which countries are the most polluters of the planet.