Closing of the concerts of the city: the Sherbrookois at the rendezvous

Culminating with the highly anticipated show of Koriass on Thursday night and with a performance of Triton Trio in front of the epicureans of Bouffe ton Centro, the 32nd programming of Concerts de la Cité should end on a note like the season, believes its responsible Annie Santarossa.
“We see that it’s really the people here who have appropriated the Concerts of the City. The Sherbrookois were once again this year, shares Ms. Santarossa. There is something for every taste. Some are there at every show. We talk with them, we collect their comments. This is the best feedback we can get. ”

Among the season’s favorites of more than 40 free shows in the city center: the visit of the Hawaiian singer Mike Love, on July 11, the performance of the French band Pigswana orchestra of July 25, and the tribute to Aretha Franklin the next day, who both stood in the enchanting Carré-Strathcona.

“We even had to refuse some people at the door for the show of Michel Pagliaro,” says Santarossa about the event that had to be moved to the Granada Theater because of the rain.

“It’s really about juggling the weather that has been the hardest this year. We try to keep it outside as much as possible, but we do not want to complicate the artists’ lives too much, “explains the co-head of the program, who estimates that three or four shows have finally taken place. In the inner room.

Only one show had to be canceled. Due to a raging sky and a lack of covered broadcast space, the Sherbrookois could not see Jerome Charlebois as planned, July 11 at Carre-Strathcona.

A 33rd year

According to the organizer, a 33rd edition should really be born. “What remains to be validated, however, are the venues. With planned work in the downtown area, the locations of the shows may change. We will find a solution, that’s for sure, “she notes.

The goal of the Concerts de la Cite has remained the same since its inception, she says. “We want to provide an interesting springboard for emerging artists,” says Santarossa. Wednesday noon, for example, it was a Sherbrooke artist, Juli Ann, who walked the planks of the Place de la Cite. Artists often take the time to thank the team and the City for allowing them to play in a professional and free performance venue for spectators. ”

On Thursday, rapper Koriass will be on stage at Place de la Cite at 8 pm “We expect to have a big crowd, we announce beautiful! Says Santarossa, adding that this inner courtyard has already been able to accommodate around 3500 people.

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