Cold air from Siberia brings bitter cold for most of US

Холодный воздух из Сибири несет лютый холод для большей части США

A wave of cold air moving to the US from Siberia, it will be the cause of record cold weather in most parts of America from Texas to New England.

In some parts of the northeast already snowed, and in Erie, Pennsylvania, was the first measurable snowfall this season. Meteorologist National weather service Kevin Donofrio (Kevin Donofrio) said from Monday to Wednesday in the 200 areas, we could beat the record temperatures for November. In particular, Chicago international O’hare airport is projected to be a record for this time of year the cold – 2-3 degrees lower than the previous historic level in 1995.

It is expected that a cold front will move across the Midwest and Northern plains Sunday, then move to the South and East Monday and Tuesday that will drop temperatures below zero to the South – to the Gulf coast. In many places it’s worth waiting for the January frosts and snowfalls.