Colds, sinusitis… 7 tips to sleep well when you have a stuffy nose

Rhume, sinusite… 7 astuces pour bien dormir quand on a le nez bouché

Winter is often synonymous with stuffy nose. If this phenomenon is bearable during the day, it often becomes unmanageable in the night, in supine position. Check out 7 tips for a peaceful night’s sleep, even with the stuffy nose.

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Ventilate the room

Viruses and germs may be the origin of the disorders ENT responsible for your stuffy nose. To get to the end, there’s nothing like breathing ! And for good reason : this simple gesture can eliminate a number of germs. The ideal duration ? 10 minutes a day minimum !

Perform a washing of the nose

If washing your nose throughout the day when it is clogged is essential, this gesture is even more before going to bed. But how to proceed ? You can bet on a saline solution ! To do this, take physiological serum, lie on the side and squirt the saline water in each nostril, before you blow your nose.

Sleep with the head elevated

We know : the supine position enhances the feeling of stuffy nose. To limit the damage, and spending a night in a more serene way, please do not hesitate to raise your head to maximum, using several pillows, for example.

Make an inhalation

Eucalyptus, thyme, pine… All of the plants effective to relieve congestion in the nose when they are used in the form of inhalation. The procedure to follow ? Dip a few drops of essential oil in a simmering water, and breathe in the vapors of this mixture for 5 to 10 minutes before you go to bed !

Humidify the room

In the winter, because of the radiators, the air is more sec. A reality that promotes the feeling of stuffy nose ! To remedy this, the humidification of the ambient air may be useful. How to do it ? Just put boiling water in a bowl, then place the container on your night table.

Staying well hydrated

This is not a secret : hydration is essential for good health. And this is all the more true when one is sick ! In addition to facilitating a good recovery, drinking water helps hydrate the sinus, and so thin and remove the mucus in the nasal passages.

Test a gesture magic

Despite all your efforts, your nose is stuffy ? This is the time to try the whole for the whole, by relying on a tip amazing. Using your thumb, press very firmly on the area between your two eyebrows for 30 seconds. At the same time, press your tongue on the top of the palace. Has you the peaceful night !

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