Collision on takeoff: the airport of the Netherlands, the two aircraft collided with passengers

Столкновение на взлете: В аэропорту Нидерландов столкнулись два самолета с пассажирами

The largest airport of the Netherlands has faced two aircraft from the Dutch airline KLM passengers on Board.

As reported by NOS, the incident occurred on the morning of 13 February, when a Boeing 747-400 before departure to the Los Angeles taxied on the steering track and hit the Boeing 787-900, which was supposed to fly to Atlanta American, reports Reuters.

As a result, the first liner was damaged a wing and the other had a tail. Since the aircraft got caught on a low speed, severe damage they received.

During the incident none of the passengers suffered after the incident they were towed, and the passengers returned to the airport, and distributed to other flights.