“Come to eat”: Yakubovich laugh with a story about the behind the scenes of “Field of miracles”

«Приходят жрать»: Якубович насмешил рассказом о закулисье «Поля чудес»

Apparently, in “the Museum” program goes far not all.

Russian TV presenter Leonid Yakubovich, the most famous TV show “Field of miracles”, complained about the behaviour of their spectators in the Studio at the end of filming, reports the Chronicle.info OS link obozrevatel.com.

As he noted in an interview, the impression is, if people come to the project “to eat.” What is happening in the Studio, added Jakubowicz, “must see.”

“As soon as shooting, I have only one task – to have time to jump out of the Studio. Because all rush to the drum and eat what’s brought. Moreover, it is necessary to see it,” he said.

According to Jakubowicz, the Playground is going on “incredible.” Administrators have to look after small children.

“Puts cakes in his pockets, bosom… something incredible. Administrators just yelling: “Caution, children do not crush!” I have the feeling that they come there to eat. All is swept away” – he was indignant.

So, said Yakubovich, Russians now know the answer the most popular question to the master for many years – “where does the grub”.

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