Comet Tremblay returns to Granby

The return of Nicolas Tremblay in the entourage of the Elite Junior Warriors was done without fanfare last week. Nevertheless, the fast fielder is already making its presence felt in the Granby line.
At nearly four games, Tremblay has already stolen 8 goals, hit 7 hits and scored 11 points. Rather impressive as departure!

“After a difficult season last year, I avoided putting too much pressure on myself when I arrived in Granby. So far, it’s true that things are going well on my side, “commented the resident of Mont-Saint-Hilaire in an interview with La Voix de l’Est.

Tremblay will likely not maintain a batting average of .500, but he should give the Warriors a big boost, which currently dominates the LBJEQ standings with a record of 24 wins and 7 losses.

“My speed has always been my biggest asset. I am comfortable as first batter, because I can reach the trails regularly. I also have a good arm in the outfield, “said the 18-year-old.

The Granbyian leaders seem to hold him in very high esteem. After his short stay with the Warriors in the 2018 series, General Manager Mathieux Rochefort made sure to retain the rights of Nicolas Tremblay last fall.

Aware that the time of availability of the outfielder is limited, Rochefort had explained that he “did not want to let a guy with so much talent.”

Tremblay, however, suffered a blow last spring, when he was released by the Canadian team aged 18 and under.

The Hilairemontais then went to Alberta, where he played with the Okotoks Dawgs, a high school team.

“It’s one of the best baseball programs in Canada, which I would compare to the CBA in Quebec. I feel that I have improved a lot in the West. But I was bored of my family, I wanted to go home, “he said.

Small flat: the second passage of the number 30 in Granby will also be ephemeral. Like many other Quebec players, Tremblay will leave for the United States (Crowder College, Missouri, in his case) in mid-August, before the start of playoffs in the LBJEQ.

“I also received offers from American universities, but I did not feel that I was ready, that I had a chance to be there. I will continue my progression in a college before going to the next level. “My big goal would be to be drafted (by a major baseball club) in a few years. ”

An “incredible” atmosphere

But by then, Nicolas Tremblay intends to render a proud service to a formation that dreams openly to great honors.

“The atmosphere is amazing around the team right now,” he confirmed. “Last summer, I helped the Warriors win the first series of their history. I already felt that they had crossed a course, that they would be solid in 2019. ”

In good standing to represent Quebec at the Canadian junior championship, the Warriors will face the Cardinals of LaSalle Tuesday night at the Napoleon-Fontaine stadium. The manager Denis Lamontagne had not yet made his choice Monday afternoon, but Samuel Robichaud could get the start for the locals.


Recently returned to the Warriors, Nicolas Tremblay has added to an imposing contingent of players from the South Shore of Montreal. He has worked alongside Dave Gauthier and Alexandre Lapointe, also from Mont-Saint-Hilaire, as well as Simon Després from Belœil.

“I played with Lapointe in my youth, before crossing Després with the CBA,” said Tremblay.

“I have also known (Isaac) Mailhot-Bérard since I was very young. He is an excellent player, so he often gave me tips to improve some things. I’m glad to find him. ”

Manager Denis Lamontagne has often dressed up the positive climate prevailing in the granbyen shelter this season. Several warriors of the Warriors rub shoulders elsewhere outside the field.

“The chemistry is obvious,” Tremblay said. I really believe it helps to win victories. ”

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