Company JR East has unveiled a prototype train with a maximum speed of 360 km/h

Компания JR East представила прототип поезда с максимальной скоростью 360 км/ч

Company JR East has unveiled a prototype of a new high-speed train ALFA-X. the New model can reach speeds of 360 km/h, was written by the Sankei newspaper.

The composition of the trains will consist of 10 cars. One of the main innovations of the model was the length of the “nose” of the train, in 22 m. This design should provide the new required maximum speed, the silence of the passengers in the cabin, and also to reduce the pressure on the composition in the tunnels. It is noted that in terms of design — the dispersal of the composition in the test phase of up to 400 km/h.

In addition, one of the priority tasks of the designers was to reduce noise in cars, as well as reducing the pressure in the passage of the train tunnels.