Conscious of Kiev himself “fined”

Сознательный киевлянин сам себя «оштрафовал»

The driver was ashamed.

Kyiv motorist who violated traffic rules, himself “fined” for running a red light, transferring an amount of “penalty” to one of the charities, reports the OS link

The offender said that the incident happened when he late in the evening of 5 June, drove for the Darnitsky area home. “I saw a pedestrian walking on red. Honked and drove past them (at the moment they have almost crossed the road). A second later it dawned on me that the red suns just did to me, not pedestrians. Don’t know how I could hard protupila. I’m not blind or stupid. Say in this situation, “the Devil made me do it”, but it is so so why. Realized how it looked from the outside: “stupid bydlota rushing to the trough to red and beeps”. So ashamed as at that moment, I was perhaps never. Most likely, those people don’t read, but karma must be corrected,” he wrote.

The driver publicly apologized to the pedestrians, which he signaled, checked the rules for such a violation include a fine of UAH 425, tripled this amount and transferred it in favor of the Fund “Tabletochki”, cancer patients are children. Receipt for payment of “penalty,” the man admitted to his confession. And he noted that this is not an advertising campaign, and his personal initiative.

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