Constructions of unknown civilization discovered in Sahara

Постройки неизвестной цивилизации обнаружены в Сахаре

Archaeologists discovered in the Western Sahara, the traces of one of the oldest civilizations of the planet, writes Live Science.

Researchers from the University of East Anglia thanks with satellite imagery and aerial photographs found the remains of mysterious structures.

Objects have different shapes (balls, rectangles, and crescents). Not yet managed to determine their exact age and set, what were they used for.

According to the researchers, found rocks stacked in a large complex with a length of about 630 m. it is Assumed that the structures could be used as monuments in the burial mounds. However, to what civilization they belong to, is still unknown.

Senior Professor Joan Clark noted that due to the fact that Western Sahara is controlled by several African countries, research on its territory very difficult.

In addition, the researchers pointed out that in the past the area was not deserted. There is a real forest and inhabited by a large number of wild animals.