Continued the work of Hitler: rossm embarrass with the story about the Crimean bridge

Продолжил дело Гитлера: росСМИ оконфузились с сюжетом про Крымский мост

The journalists made an ambiguous statement. Speaking about the opening of the Crimean bridge, leading the propaganda of the “First channel” was embarrassing, calling the Russian President’s successor Affairs of Adolf Hitler, reports the with reference to the Apostrophe.

The corresponding video is posted on Twitter, Rogozin is on-orbit.

“This project would make Nicholas II, the project wanted to carry out Hitler and Speer, the chief architect of the Reich made this project in the early 40-ies. And did it, implemented it, Vladimir Putin”, – said the advocate.

“Channel one is left and it is not clear that Putin is worse than Hitler or better?”, “Is anyone not clear??? there is also said that he surpassed…”, “very clear: “the führer is steeper than theirs Fuhrer”, “Well, all right: Putin is the essence of the Orthodox Tsar-führer” – comment on the video network.

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