Convenient: in Moscow there is an apartment with its own access to the subway

Удобно: в Москве есть квартира с собственным выходом в метро

The building was built in the mid-twentieth century.

In the North-West of Moscow in one of apartments in five-storey building has a manhole with access to communications and the metro, reports the with reference to

Unusual living room located on the first floor of the building, built in the middle of the XX century on the street Marshal Biryuzova. Before the apartment was communal, and the owners could not disperse.

“Living in this apartment is extremely inconvenient: you have to get up with the first train, and go to bed with the last part,” – said in the realty company.

According to the observations of analysts, in General, bad design of housing can reduce its cost by 15-20 percent. In Moscow, according to them, there are apartments without toilets, with the passage to the kitchen through the bathroom and other planning features.

“Sometimes in the market you can see such proposals, which cause a shock even experienced realtors,” – said the expert.

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