Cook shocked the Prime Minister of Japan, poured food into the shoes

Повар шокировал премьер-министра Японии, насыпав еду в ботинки

The dish in the dishes served on the table.

Israeli chef Segev Moshe insulted Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, giving him dessert in a metal container in the shape of men’s shoes, reports the with reference to Bagnet.

Abe arrived in Israel on an official visit. On 2 may he and his wife had dinner with the Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu and his wife Sara.

At the end of the dinner, Moshe gave the premiere chocolate dessert, placed in a metal “Shoe”. In Japanese culture it is forbidden to enter someone’s house and even office shoes. Perhaps that is why the style of presentation of the dishes were nasty.

Abe showed no emotion, but the Japanese and Israeli diplomats were “shocked”. An unnamed senior Israeli diplomat in an interview to Ynet called the act “stupid and tactless”. “There is no country in the world where shoes would put on the table”, he added. The source Ynet compared the incident with that, as if a Jew had dessert in the plate in the shape of a pig.

Moshe himself says that Abe and his wife “applauded” him and invited him over to Japan.

“Boots” in which they served dessert created by designer Tom Dixon. He conceived them as door stops.

Повар шокировал премьер-министра Японии, насыпав еду в ботинки

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