Couples, disabilities, yellow jacket… 230 new easily add emoji arrive on your phone

Couples, handicap, gilet jaune… 230 nouveaux emojis arrivent sur vos téléphones

The unicode Consortium has published on Wednesday 6 February the 230 list of new easily add emoji that have been validated and which will, therefore, on your mobile phones in the year 2019. Probably around the fall if Apple, Google and Android are the same as in the previous years.

By next fall, Apple, Google and Android should be able to provide 230 new easily add emoji to their users.

The unicode Consortium, that attends to validate those small pictograms that we can no longer go to write a SMS, revealed Wednesday the list of new features, which highlights the disabled, ethnic diversity and homosexuality too.

Thus, to send an emoji couple, a user will soon have the choice between 171 different variants depending on the skin color and gender.

Unicode has also relied on a better representation of minorities such as the disabled, who have their own emoticons (which are always available with colors of skin and hair are different).

There are pictograms for the deaf and hard of hearing, represented by a character that shows his ear and also one ear only paired. For the blind and visually impaired, Unicode has also validated the easily add emoji guide dog and cane travel.

Also of note is new emoticons “gourmet” with falafel, butter, waffle, garlic, onion and even a brick of fruit juice.

Other small pictograms have a lot of laughs, the users like the emoji “pinching hand”, which represents a hand with the thumb and index finger mimicking a very small space. That seems to be a tribute to the micro-penis for some.

And for the tiny little “news”: an emoji “safety vest”, quickly assimilated to a yellow jacket even if it looks rather orange in the photos. It may be available in multiple colors.

If the platforms are the same as last year, these new emoticons are expected to be introduced in the update of the systems to the fall.

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