Coveo to invest $ 1.5M in Sherbrooke

PRIMEUR / Coveo, a Quebec company with offices in Montreal, London, San Francisco and New York, moved to Sherbrooke. Working in the field of artificial intelligence, Coveo plans to hire five employees in the coming weeks and hopes to invest $ 1.5 million in two years.
This first office outside major centers is located on Roy, near the University of Sherbrooke, where the company wants to recruit. As a tenant, she will become the owner of her own premises as she grows. “We started exactly like that in Montreal and now have 90 employees there,” says Marc-Antoine Veilleux, Research and Development Director at Coveo.

In concrete terms, the company is customizing digital experiences. Using an algorithm, it can predict the behavior or desires of users, a bit like shopping sites that suggest articles that might interest users. BRP and GoPro are among its customers.

“If a user is not able to clearly express a problem with a product, for example for technical support, we are able to find his intention,” says Nicolas Pelletier, Vice President Research and Development.

“We know the potential of Sherbrooke. Not everyone wants to work in a big center. Having several interesting offers in information technology will attract people. We want to create an environment conducive to a thrilling scene, “says Mr. Veilleux.

His colleague, Nicolas Pelletier, adds that the presence of the Université de Sherbrooke will certainly make it possible to find trainees and possibly to participate in research projects. “In the short term, we think we have a good offer. The more we create offers, the more people will be interested in the field and will want to study to work. ”

And there will not be a salary scale specific to Sherbrooke. In other words, a Sherbrooke employee will receive the same benefits as if he were working in Montreal or Quebec City. “We are looking for talented people to keep us leaders. So we have to be competitive and we are pretty aggressive from a salary point of view, “says Pelletier.

“We do not come to Sherbrooke for cheap labor,” adds Marc-Antoine Veilleux.

The jobs available are Software Developer, Cloud System Administrator and Security Technical Analyst, among others.

For now, Coveo has 500 employees and hopes to add 200 over the next year.

Marc-Henri Faure, director of business services in Sherbrooke Innopole’s Information Technologies key sector, is delighted by the arrival of a new player in Sherbrooke, warning that a comparison with SherWeb would be lame. “About two-thirds of graduates in information technology in Sherbrooke say they might be interested in staying here if they find a job that offers them challenges. It is therefore necessary to multiply the points of contact between IT companies and graduates. We must also break the idea that the challenges are interesting in Montreal, New York or London. ”

Is there not a shortage of employees in this particular area? “Yes, but the shortage is global. The advantage of Sherbrooke is that once people are here, they do not want to leave. The opening of a Coveo office in Sherbrooke sends a very positive signal about the dynamism of the information technology industry, particularly the artificial intelligence sector. IT in Sherbrooke has made a net gain of 17 companies in the last two years. ”

This data has passed under the radar. “Technology, people use it, but do not see it. You will not know that there are Coveo algorithms on the GoPro website. So people do not think there are a lot of high-tech companies in Sherbrooke. ”