Craftsmen “pereobuli” car tires from nails

Умельцы "переобули" автомобиль в шины из гвоздей

3000 nails instead of tires.According to the statistics that the car should “shoed” motorists think in the last turn, reports the with reference to Аvtodream.

Now, clever engineers have offered an excellent alternative to rubber, but not exactly.A little laugh and studies, get ready! And so, the experiment consisted in the fact that you had the disc carefully weld about three thousand nails, they should serve as tires. Of course hearing is not so bad, but what is in practice.

Much to our surprise – it worked! Yes, of course speed here is not the question, the car is rolling slowly ‘ cause to come into contact with the ground almost impossible, but for the ice and snow is taken as “hungry”.

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