Created by “dragon eggs” predicting a volcanic eruption

Созданы «яйца дракона», предсказывающие извержение вулкана

Researchers in real time to obtain information from the epicenter of the disaster.

A special heat-resistant sensors allow to obtain information from the epicenter of the disaster without risk to people, reports the with reference to the news of Yu.

Lately, seismic activity around the globe has led to the fact that periodically occur sudden eruption of large volcanoes, which leads to death. In this regard, scientists began to develop an effective forecasting dangerous phenomena, in order to prevent possible casualties and destruction.

Significant progress in this direction was made by British scientists from the University of Bristol, who believe that predict a volcanic eruption through a special high-tech equipment called “DRAGON EGGS”. Using “dragon eggs”, the researchers can in real time to obtain information directly from the epicenter of the disaster.

Such ultra-heat-resistant complex is equipped with a range of modern temperature sensors, humidity, vibration and zagumenov able to save without exaggeration, millions of lives. To deliver to the desired area the “egg dragon” can special drones. It will not risk the lives of seismologists and volcanologists.

The sensors are located by default in standby mode that saves energy. When they feel a sudden, unexpected rise of temperature or vibration, they aktiviziruyutsya and start the transmission of the change to the station via wireless communication technology.

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