Creates a new drug for influenza virus a catastrophic failure

Новое лекарство создает для вируса гриппа катастрофический сбой

Researchers have created a new drug that is showing promising ability to reduce the mutation of the flu virus and reduce its spread.

The drug is more effective than the most commonly used drug, oseltamivir, and it will not cause resistance in the virus, doctors say. Scientists have long been struggling with the constant changing shape of the flu virus, which requires annual obnovenia vaccines from the commonly circulating strains. Meanwhile, new medicines are slow, and those that exist are often ineffective. Moreover, the flu virus developed resistance to oseltamivir popular and the older amantadine. And there are already reports of influenza strains resistant to balaclavas, a drug approved by management under the control over products and medicines of the USA just last year.

Scientists from the University of Georgia and Emory University in Atlanta created a new version of N-hydroxycytidine (NHC) called EIDD-2801, which, in essence, creates for a flu virus the “terms of catastrophic destruction.”

The results were published in Science Transal Medicine.