Creed 2 : Dolph Lundgren, explains why he has failed to deny, once again, Ivan Drago






There are films that you expect without really knowing why, and there are others which we know exactly the reason of our impatience. We let you imagine in what category does Creed 2.

So ok, the first Creed Ryan Coogler was super nice, well dramatic and all, and a success unhoped-for that funds on the world of Rocky Balboa, while finding its own rhythm and its own identity. But then, if you want, we will finally move to serious things because Creed II, directed by Steven Caple Jr., sounds when even the grand return of Ivan Drago, the big villain of Rocky IV and that, for that alone, this should be the film most anticipated by a whole generation of our readers born in the 80s.


Hearts on Fire… Strong Desire…


And if the film will be released finally on our screens on the 9th of January next, it was almost never to see the light of day in its current form because Dolph Lundgren was not far to refuse the proposal of Sylvester Stallone, as he just explained to the microphone of Look Mag :

“It was a little strange. At the beginning, I didn’t want to do that because I thought it was going to be a little sad and pathetic. I didn’t want to dent the image of Ivan Drago, because the character is iconic, especially for those who are bodybuilding.


You will be K. O.


But the storyline was really good and it gave me the chance to propose another facet of this man 35 years later, a much more hurt and confrontational. I used a little of my journey of the last 35 years for this character and I think I have looped the loop.

And it turned out that it was a very nice experience for me. A challenge really dramatic as well as a way to take a look on my career as he looks at his career of boxer. I even think that there are certain parallels that are quite unique.”

It is pointed out that in Creed 2, Adonis Creed will have to fight the son of Ivan Drago in a match symbolic return, which should do big damage. The opportunity for us to know if Rocky did not lie to us 35 years ago when he said that if he changed and we changed, then the whole world could change. We have a few doubts anyway…


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