Crimean family was given a medal, and then decided to take shelter by the sea

Крымской семье дали медали, а потом решили отобрать жилье у моря

Occupiers kicked out on the street a large family, which recently gave the order.

The father to the annexation he was chief of port and got the office accommodation on the first line of the sea write Pro-Russian media notes.

In 2004, their home began to build a hotel. Family first offered to move out, but when I calculated the cost of housing, then rejected the idea.

“This hotel is the attitude of the former mayor of Sudak, and the former Deputy Prime Minister Vladimir Serov, he, personally, we were offered to move, but felt that all new housing is quite expensive, the question was removed from the agenda,” says the mother of the family.

Крымской семье дали медали, а потом решили отобрать жилье у моря

After the annexation of the Peninsula part of the premises where these people lived recognized technical.

In 2018, the self-proclaimed head of Crimea Sergey Aksenov was awarded seven medal “Parent valour”.

A week later, it came to notice that the family must leave the premises within a week.

Family accused of illegal rental housing.

“Father, refitted utility room and regularly pays taxes. Tax know, it’s all legal,” says the woman.

The owners say they are ready to help the family, but the family has a different opinion.

“Came and openly said that we interfere with their economic activities, and they evict us from here,” adds the woman.