Cyber attack, the US has undermined the ability of Iran to attack oil tankers

Кибератака США подорвала способность Ирана атаковать нефтяные танкеры

As reported by The New York Times, the cyber attack U.S. intelligence temporarily deprived Tehran of the ability to target and attack oil tankers in the Persian Gulf.

The database used by the paramilitary unit of Iran for designing attacks on oil tankers were destroyed by experts from the United States due to cyber attacks. This was a temporary obstacle for the Iranian military to target the court. Iran is trying to regain the military communications network in the online mode and recover information that was lost in the attack on the Islamic revolutionary guard Corps.

According to the publication, this attack, which is part of a covert cyber war between the US and Iran, was a response to the fact that the Iranian military shot down a us unmanned aerial vehicle surveillance.

U.S. Central command has not commented on the situation.