Daenerys and Jon snow together again: Emilia Clarke and kit Harington at the fun photos from the set of “Game of thrones”

Emilia Clarke and kit Harington

The mother of dragons Daenerys Targaryen and her new love of Jon snow, who also has her nephew (but none of them doesn’t know this yet), together we will see soon — the last, the eighth season of the famous and very popular series “Game of thrones” (Game of Thrones) will be released only next spring. But a select few will be able to meet with their favorite characters much earlier — in the framework of the charity, which Fund spends together with Omaze performer of the role of Daenerys Emilia Clarke. To choose the lucky winner will be from those who will make a donation which will go to the Royal College of nursing (Royal College of Nursing).

The actress has decided to keep interest fans of action — a funny and cute photo in which she embraces with her on-screen lover and a relative. However, it’s pretty chastely — violent passion and the chemistry between the stars only on the screen, but in real life, Harington, who is about to marry his other partner on the series, strange women don’t ever look (I hope).

So kit Harington and Emilia Clarke are behaving behind the scenes

And so — in the frame

Lucky, who will be able to win, will be able to watch the actors, because he will visit superabrasive (the spoilers are not leaked to the network) the set in Belfast and get acquainted with the direct participants of the process. Payment of flights and accommodation, the opportunity to bring a plus one, lunch with Emilia Clarke, the Studio tour is for the fan of the show this probably sounds fantastically attractive.

Emilia Clarke

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