Daimler presented a model EQC

Daimler представил модель EQC

SUVs were a niche technology.

The electric era – the inevitable future of the transport sector. She has stepped over the threshold, feels the mistress, but at full strength has not developed. The revolution has already begun, and in the next two to three years, he gains the proper momentum.

The script will be the same as with the popularization of cars in the SUV segment. First, SUVs were highly specialized technique, then became a attribute of luxury. Later came the SUV, which over the years became smaller and cheaper. And that is no surprise when “jeep” is masked babe Kia Picanto or worker-peasant “Lada Granta”.

In 2015, the first was the Tesla Model X. the Twin-engine electrocreaser at that time was a machine for geeks, ardent fans of new technologies. He is now striking features: capacity from 328 to 773 HP, cruising range per charge from 380 to 480 kilometers, the capacity of batteries from 75 to 100 kWh, Plus the original body with sash doors.

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