Dancing with the stars : why the defeat of Iris Mittenaere has made them happy

Danse avec les stars : pourquoi la défaite de Iris Mittenaere a fait des heureux

There is fierce competition between the stars of the tv show.

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If the music is good, good, good on the runway from Dancing with the stars, behind the scenes the atmosphere is not always the case. It is in any case what was suggested by a witness interviewed by the magazine Here. Fans of Dancing with the stars know. It is Clement Rémiens who won the ninth season, with his partner Denitsa Ikonomova, the exclusion of Iris Mittenaere who had received only 40% of the vote. A defeat that Miss Universe was hard to swallow.

Facing the camera Iris Mittenaere kept the smile after the announcement of the results, as a Miss is the must. But once she had returned to her dressing room, no question of hanging around or partying one last time to celebrate the end of the show. “In the team, his behaviour came as a surprise to anyone. She had the reputation of being cold”, commented one interviewee byHere, who preferred to remain anonymous. Between her and the other candidates, relations were strained. “This is not Jeanfi Janssens, Basile Boli or Lio who say otherwise, it just wouldn’t do at all with them…”

A testimony is amazing when one knows that the Miss has spent after, with all his comrades of promo. The proof of this ? Videos have been shared on social networks. So info or intox ? Truth or jealousy ? Only the main interested could answer these questions.

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