David Beckham was criticized for a kiss on the lips-month-old daughter Harper

David Beckham with daughter Harper

No sooner had the 43-year-old David Beckham to go to the rink along with seven-year-old daughter Harper and share the photo on your Instagram, like this photo, made right while riding, caused a storm of different emotions among Internet users due to the fact that the player kisses the daughter on the lips.

While some were touched by the reverent relationship between daughter and father, others began to condemn Beckham for excessive tenderness shown to her daughter. Many felt that kissing was old enough the girl on the lips is too much, and began to Express their outrage in numerous comments under the photo.

She’s your daughter! Why would you kiss her lips?

It looks like something is wrong,

— expressed his point of view, some of the subscribers.

However, not all followers have been so categorical. Many, on the contrary, sided with the player and decided that in such a manifestation of love for her child is nothing to be ashamed of.

It’s his favorite child, so foolish in something to accuse and to think out what is not!

Children who have such loving parents, can be called truly happy

— supported David’s fans.

David Beckham with daughter Harper

By the way, this is not the first time Beckham has been criticized for the manifestation of excessive tenderness towards children. In 2017, the player has been condemned due to the selfie, which also kissing Harper on the lips. Then David reacted to public condemnation of an emotional post on Facebook.

I kiss on the lips of all his children. Except Brooklyn, because he’s 18. This may embarrass him and feel a bit strange. I am very affectionate with their children. It was in my family, and the family of Victoria. That’s why we just behave with their children

— exhaustively answered the Beckham haters.

David Beckham with sons

By the way, 44-year-old Victoria is also quite often publishes in his Instagram photos, which openly shows love and affection to his children, and her too, for it gets. Note that criticizing such tenderness and many other Hollywood stars.

How do you feel about such manifestation of parental love?

David Beckham with son Brooklyn David Beckham with son Romeo

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